Publishers’ Exchange Group Interact

PubEx - Your Source For Employee Benefits And Human Resources Information

Affinity Choice

This is something brand new from AGU. Please join our group and help turn it into a vibrant and valuable online community dedicated to the interests of publishers. We plan to use electronic and social media to keep publishers abreast of relevant developments in employee benefits insurance and human resources management – issues and events that can affect your business and your bottom line…and much more. We’re not sure exactly where this will lead - that’s the exciting part! PubEx will evolve as we go with the members of the group deciding what kinds of connections and information it will provide.

Highlights – Some Things We Think PubEx Might Do

  • Share information to help members benchmark their employee benefit plans against what their peers are offering and paying
  • Send out news alerts to make members aware of benefits and HR regulatory changes that can affect their publications and their bottom lines
  • Provide a forum for interaction and communication among publishers on employee benefit and HR issues
  • Develop consensus and act together on matters of common interest
  • Offer unlimited, no-charge consultations on employee benefit plans and practices – a “second opinion” service to help you get the most out of your employee benefit spend
  • Other stuff – information, communication and services we haven’t thought of yet
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