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defined contribution plans for employer groups with 10 or more full-time employees
(no minimum participation requirements)

A robust employee benefits program includes more than just health insurance.

AffinityChoice is a coordinated package of important, non-medical insurance coverages that your employees and their families want and need, including:

  • life,
  • dental,
  • vision and
  • disability

You Choose Your Contibution

Because AffinityChoice is a Defined Contribution plan you can completely control your costs. You set the fixed amount per employee per month that you will pay toward each of your eligible employees' non-medical insurance benefits (minimum $25.00).

You define the class or classes of eligible employees. Each eligible employee can choose to enroll for any or all of the benefits offered in the package and allocate your contribution among the benefits chosen to help pay the premium. If the total premium for the benefits selected exceeds your contribution, the employee pays the difference by payroll deduction.

Customized By Each Employee

Yesterday's "One Size Fits All" benefits are not responsive to the needs of today's employees and their families. AffinityChoice provides your employees with the ability to customize their own benefits package. Some employees, for example, may already have dental coverage through a spouse's employment. In that case, the employee might choose disability coverage or additional life insurance.

And, with AffinityChoice, unlike purely voluntary insurance plans, your employees will know and appreciate that you are making a financial contribution to the cost of their benefits.

Easy To Set Up

All you have to do is:

  1. Decide which class or classes of your employees will be eligible,
  2. Decide how much you want to contribute per employee per month, and then
  3. Register by completing, signing and submitting the Group Application.
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Your Own Custom Website

We will build and maintain a custom enrollment website specific to your plan.
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This information contains only a brief description of the benefits available. It is not a contract. The outlined benefits are underwritten by Companion Life Insurance Company, Policy Forms No.GTP-633, VGLT- 800, VSTD 808; Dental Policy Form 514; Vision Care Policy Form VGRP-300 and actual coverage is subject to the terms, definitions, conditions, exclusions and limitations of the group policy contract when it becomes effective and the actual language will be reflected in each employee’s Certificate of Coverage. Please refer to your Certificate for details and limitations of coverage.